Honey and Honey Spoon Set

  • A delicious 1lb jar of honey with a wooden honey spoon

Product Description

A delicious 1lb jar of honey with a wooden honey spoon.

Our honey is as natural as it gets. We harvest frames from the hives and decap them using a knife, they are then placed within a honey extractor. Using centrifugal force the frames are spun and the honey is forced out onto the side of the extractor. After a period of time the honey settles to the bottom of the extractor. The honey can now be tapped off and filtered using two different graded sieves. Once filtered it can then be simply bottled into 1lb jars ready for sale. Depending on the time that the honey is harvest effects its final appearance, whether it is set honey or runny honey. This is due to the type of nectar that the bees have collected, for example if they focus their efforts on collecting from oil seed rape the honey is likely to set more rapidly.

Honey is one of the only substances that one can solely live on, with various vitamins and minerals, sugars and proteins, do not underestimate the nutritional value of honey.

All honey will set over time.


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8oz (227g)

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